The Power of Point of View

Month: February 2013

Linguistics influencing Point of View: Trying to make a ‘Police Shooting’ Palatable – GARY YAMASAKI

The Feb 5/2013 post demonstrated how readers can be led to experience events through a Neanderthal point of view simply by linguistic manipulation, specifically, the avoidance of transitive clauses. This post goes a step further to explore how manipulation of transitivity can even lead readers to adopt the point of view of a particular party… Read More ›

“Memento”: a Masterpiece in Point-of-View Manipulation – GARY YAMASAKI

What would it be like to be unable to remember anything for more than five minutes? Director Christopher Nolan attempts to capture this in his Memento (2000), sketching out a storyline in which protagonist Leonard Shelby works to discover who murdered his wife while hampered by anterograde amnesia, a brain dysfunction that prevents one from… Read More ›

Observing Impact of Linguistics on Point-of-View Crafting. . .with the help of a “Neanderthal” – GARY YAMASAKI

“. . .The bushes twitched again. . . .A head and a chest faced him, half-hidden. . . .The man turned sideways in the bushes and looked at Lok along his shoulder. A stick rose upright and there was a lump of bone in the middle. . . .Suddenly Lok understood that the man was… Read More ›