The Power of Point of View

Month: May 2013

S.B.L. Book Review Session of “Perspective Criticism” (part 4): Response to Black Critique – GARY YAMASAKI

Steve Black’s review of Perspective Criticism (May 21/2013 post) reflects a keen grasp of the fact that the essence of point of view relates to the perspective through which readers are led to experience the events described. This is nowhere more evident than in his treatment of the Mark 1 account of Jesus’ baptism, where… Read More ›

S.B.L. Book Review Session on “Perspective Criticism” (part 3) – STEVE BLACK

Gary Yamasaki’s Perspective Criticism uses “point-of-view analysis” as a means to clarify puzzling passages in the Bible. Through point of view, the reader experiences characters as remote or close. If they are viewed as close, then they are also viewed sympathetically, and this can result in a merger of sorts between reader and character. Even… Read More ›

S.B.L. Book Review Session on “Perspective Criticism” (part 2): Response to Landy’s Critique – GARY YAMASAKI

Francis Landy’s contribution (May 8/2013 post) brings to this discussion of point-of-view crafting a wealth of expertise in the study of Hebrew narrative, an expertise resulting in some helpful correctives to my treatment of passages of the Hebrew Scriptures. However, other points on which he considers my findings “extremely odd” or “mystifying” I believe arise… Read More ›

SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE Book Review Session on “Perspective Criticism” (part 1) – FRANCIS LANDY

Perspective Criticism is a wonderfully enjoyable book, which shows us how the manipulation of the point of view of the reader facilitates identification or dissociation from characters, and thus conditions our emotional and evaluative response. Gary intersperses discussions of films, in which point of view is the result of the combination of camera, voice and… Read More ›