The Power of Point of View

Month: June 2013

S.B.L. Book Review Session on “Perspective Criticism” (part 8): Response to Yamasaki’s Response – Francis Landy

I really profited from Gary’s response to my response (May 14/2013 post). It showed me where we differ, and where I have misunderstood him. I think he is right, or at least partially right, in his criticism of my reading of the climactic moment in the story of the Akedah, in which the narrator/narrative focuses… Read More ›

S.B.L. Book Review Session on “Perspective Criticism” (part 7): Response to Yamasaki’s Response – STEVE BLACK

I am beginning to think that I am not sure that I find Yamasaki’s concept of “point of view character” as reflected in his response (May 29/2013 post) to be useful. I prefer simply to think of “point of view” rather than “point of view character.” In essence, point of view is the point of entry that… Read More ›

S.B.L. Book Review Session on “Perspective Criticism” (part 6): Response to Whitlock Review – GARY YAMASAKI

Matt’s review of Perspective Criticism provides a relatively rare perspective, that of a biblical scholar who is also a literary critic trained in the study of the modern novel. Such a perspective is most welcomed in the discussion of point-of-view crafting, a topic right in the wheelhouse of literary critics, but so foreign to the typical… Read More ›

S.B.L. Book Review Session on “Perspective Criticism” (part 5) – MATTHEW WHITLOCK

It is appropriate to respond to Gary’s work with a quote from the crafter-of-point-of view-in-chief, Marcel Proust: “Only by art can we emerge from ourselves, can we know what another sees of this universe that is not the same as ours and whose landscapes would have remained as unknown to us as those that might… Read More ›