The Power of Point of View

Month: July 2013

Clark Kent as Subject or Object in “Man of Steel”?

When attempting to determine through which character’s point of view an audience is being led to experience the events of a story line, it is tempting simply to pick the character who is most prominently featured. And usually, this will yield the correct answer. . .but not always. This post will use a look at… Read More ›

Point of View in the David and Goliath Narrative (1 Sam 17) – JESSE LONG JR.

After reading Perspective Criticism (Yamasaki 2012) last fall, I set out to analyze the story of David and Goliath from the perspective of point of view. While I had addressed point of view in an article on the Jacob and Esau narrative (Long 2012), Gary Yamasaki’s significant work further stimulated my interest in this important… Read More ›

Badge of Reliability dynamics suggesting: “Side with Barnabas over Paul in Acts 15 Dispute”? – GARY YAMASAKI

The Apr 25/2013 post posited the notion that the attribution to Stephen of the fact he was “a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit” (Acts 6:5) functions to bestow upon him the Badge of Reliability, thus rendering him a reliable reflector of the implied author’s ideological perspective. This post will examine a similar… Read More ›