The Power of Point of View

Month: May 2014

Positioning Readers with Perspective (Acts 13:4–12) – JAMES D. DVORAK

. . .One of my research interests as a discourse analyst is how language users–for this discussion, narrators–utilize the information plane both to express her or his own “stance(s)” and, as a consequence of that expression, to sway others to take up the same position. “Stance,” as used here, is about “bonding,” about creating community… Read More ›

“24: Live Another Day” – The Difference You Felt is due to a New Point-of-View Strategy – GARY YAMASAKI

I was a big “24” fan during its eight-year run, sticking with it through thick and thin. So, it was with a great deal of anticipation that I sat down to watch the two-hour premiere of this year’s incarnation of the show to immerse myself in another “day”–well, “half day”–in the life of Jack Bauer.   Very… Read More ›

Response to Zachary Dawson’s Point-of-View Analysis of Ruth 4:1-6 – GARY YAMASAKI

In a recent post (Apr 9/2014), Zachary Dawson digs into the point-of-view dynamics of Ruth 4:1-6, and today’s post interacts with Dawson’s point-of-view analysis of this passage. It is good how Dawson begins his treatment of 4:1-6 by addressing the point-of-view dynamics of the material preceding this passage, for the point-of-view crafting of one passage… Read More ›