The Power of Point of View

Month: March 2015

Does Acts 9 characterize Saul of Taursus as an “Anti-Hero”? – GARY YAMASAKI

In the Sept27 2012 post, I addressed the point-of-view dynamics behind why we feel empathy for anti-heroes in movies. In this post, I will explore the possibility that the Acts 9 depiction of Saul of Taursus characterizes him as a biblical example of an anti-hero. Saul first appears in Acts in the scene of the stoning of Stephen,… Read More ›

“Grey’s Anatomy” goes where T.V. Point-of-View Crafting has never gone before – GARY YAMASAKI

Dr. Amelia Shepherd’s lecture in the Feb. 26 episode of Grey’s Anatomy has forever changed the way I think about cancerous tumours, and this is at least in part a result of the point-of-view moves she executes in describing the massive tumour imbedded in the brain of colleague Dr. Nicole Herman. Amelia projects an image of the… Read More ›