The Power of Point of View


“Crazy Rich Asians”: an ALMOST perfect movie experience – GARY YAMASAKI

September 6, 2018

It’s rare that I see a movie that grabs my attention in the first scene and has a stranglehold on it ’til the last. . .but I saw one just recently: Crazy Rich Asians. I found it to be the most perfectly executed movie I’ve ever seen. . .except for one thing: the point-of-view crafting in… Read More ›

Perspective Criticism in the Classroom – GARY YAMASAKI

This past semester, I was approached to teach a seminary course that provides a survey of the various different ways the Bible has been interpreted during the past couple of centuries. And, naturally, I thought of “Perspective Criticism” as one of the methodologies to include in this survey. Given all that I needed to cover… Read More ›

The Fire Scene of “This is Us” from a Different Perspective – GARY YAMASAKI

The NBC hit “This is Us” is known for its deft interweaving of one family’s experiences back in the ’80s and ’90s with its experiences in present day, and this skillful juxtapostion of past and present events is, of course, point-of-view manipulation. . .the first scene serving to position the viewers in a particular vantage… Read More ›

“The Sermon on the Mount” from the Perspective of “First-Century Culture” – GARY YAMASAKI

At the recent Society of Biblical Literature meetings in Boston, I was invited to participate on a panel addressing the topic of “Preaching The Sermon on the Mount as Resistance Literature.” My contribution explored how the Sermon on the Mount ends up being “resistance literature” when viewed from the “perspective” of 1st-century Mediterranean culture: I… Read More ›

Insights from Filmmaking for Analyzing Biblical Narrative

This fall Fortress Press introduces its new series on Reading the Bible in the 21st Century.  Insights from Filmmaking for Analyzing Biblical Narrative by Gary Yamasaki is one of two inaugural offerings of this series. This volume develops an innovative approach to biblical narrative, exploring the way stories are treated in filmmaking, including point of view… Read More ›