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Perspective Criticism in the Classroom – GARY YAMASAKI

June 28, 2018

This past semester, I was approached to teach a seminary course that provides a survey of the various different ways the Bible has been interpreted during the past couple of centuries. And, naturally, I thought of “Perspective Criticism” as one of the methodologies to include in this survey. Given all that I needed to cover… Read More ›

Reading 1 & 2 Samuel with Undergraduates using Perspective Criticism: A Retrospective – SCOTT S. ELLIOTT

About a year ago, I wrote a post about an upcoming upper-level course on “Literature of the Hebrew Bible” that I would be teaching during the spring 2014 semester. This year’s edition centered on 1 and 2 Samuel and integrated perspective criticism. My primary objectives in doing the latter were to better equip students (i)… Read More ›

Using “Film Clips” to teach Perspective Criticism – GARY YAMASAKI

In my two decades of teaching, I have always enjoyed using clips from movies and TV series to illustrate various aspects of my biblical-studies courses. . .a moving picture being worth much more than just a thousand words. And I have found it especially helpful to show clips demonstrating particular cinematic point-of-view moves as a… Read More ›

Reading 1 & 2 Samuel with Undergraduates using Perspective Criticism – SCOTT S. ELLIOTT

This coming semester (spring 2014), I will be teaching an upper-division course, “Literature of the Hebrew Bible,” which will focus on 1 & 2 Samuel. One of my primary areas of interest is literary theory, so I place a strong emphasis on close reading in the course, and class discussions center on matters of literary… Read More ›