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Ideological Point of View in the Account of the Four Lepers (2 Kings 7:3-9) -JESSE LONG JR.

September 4, 2013

In his Oct 25/2012 post, Gary Yamasaki correctly understands the account of the four lepers in 2 Kings 7 as crafted so that the implied reader experiences the event through the point of view of the characters in the story. On the informational point of view plane, the narrator withholds from the reader that the… Read More ›

Badge of Reliability dynamics suggesting: “Side with Barnabas over Paul in Acts 15 Dispute”? – GARY YAMASAKI

The Apr 25/2013 post posited the notion that the attribution to Stephen of the fact he was “a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit” (Acts 6:5) functions to bestow upon him the Badge of Reliability, thus rendering him a reliable reflector of the implied author’s ideological perspective. This post will examine a similar… Read More ›

Moving conversation with Tannehill to “Micro-View” of Ideological Plane (part 5) – GARY YAMASAKI

In response to my question “through whose perspective an audience is being led to experience the action” (Apr 4/2013), Robert Tannehill responded that it is the “ideological perspective of the implied author. . .the perspective of the work as a whole as a complex of interacting parts, dynamically arranged” (Apr 8/2013). And while what he… Read More ›

In Response to Yamasaki’s Query on Ideological-Plane Dynamics (part 4) – ROBERT TANNEHILL

This comment continues the conversation with Gary Yamasaki which began with his post of Mar 14/2013. I recognize the distinction that Yamasaki makes in his Apr 4/2013 post between the ideological plane and the ideological “matrixes” of the implied author and the characters. If one wished to do a thorough analysis of the ideological plane… Read More ›

Rejoinder to Tannehill’s post on Ideological (or Evaluative) Plane of Point of View (part 3) – GARY YAMASAKI

In his Mar 19/2013 post, Robert Tannehill provides some helpful correctives to the portrait of ideological point of view presented in my post of Mar 14/2013. However, there are also some portions of his post against which I would like to provide some push-back. Tannehill is surely right when he asserts that “all the other… Read More ›

Toward Further Clarification of the Ideological (or Evaluative) Plane of Point of View (part 2) – ROBERT TANNEHILL

In the Mar 14/2013 post, Gary Yamasaki rightly points out that ideological point of view cannot be reduced to theological belief, and that the ideological plane is more complex than the other planes. However, it would have been helpful to add the reason for that complexity: all the other planes contribute to the ideological plane, which… Read More ›

The Ideological Plane of Point of View: “so crucial, yet so misunderstood” (part 1) – GARY YAMASAKI

The concluding paragraph of the Feb 28/2013 post mentions that much work needs to be done to clarify the role of the ideological plane of point of view in a storyteller’s efforts to dictate through whose point of view their audience experiences a given event, and this post constitutes a first step in that regard. Of the six planes… Read More ›